Types of Bark River Knives for Sale


There are many kinds of knives available but a group that stands out in the park are the Bark River Knives. These knives are specially made to withstand a lot of working load and are still comfortable in the hand. They retain the ancient methods and materials so you can withstand how tough they could be.

There are types of these knives though they all can be applied for general use, some are made for more specific tasks. What differentiates them are either the handle material, the blade shape or material. The following discussions will discuss the types of Bark River Knives for Sale.


You can get the same Bark River Knife type with different handle materials. The common materials that are used to make the handles are micarta, G-10, kirinite, wood, bone, horn and antler. Micarta handles are composed of layers of laminated phenolic resin. These can be carbon fibre, fibreglass canvas or paper. It is one of the strongest handle materials.

G-10 is also a strong material with high tensile strength. It is an epoxy made from layers of soaked fibreglass resin. Kirinite is very attractive because of its glossy finish. It is also chip resistant. Wooden handles are made from different wood types categories like standard, exotic and burled.

Blade Material

The blade is made from either carbon steel or “super steel”. What is termed super steel are a group of steel types with special tensile properties.

Blade Shapes

The common blade shapes that are available are clip point, drop point, tanto point, needle point, spear point and sheepsfoot. Their names are self-describing. The clip point is clip-shaped in its unsharpened end. It is very sharp and good for piercing.

Drop point has a drop-type shape in its unsharpened side. Great for slicing. The tanto has a flat grinned high point. The point is extremely hard. Excellent on hard materials. The needle pointed blade is commonly referred to as dagger. Weak point, good for soft materials like cloths and piercing skin. Poor on strong materials.

The spear point is similar to the needle point blade. It only has a thicker stock. It is much stronger. The trailing point blade is lightweight and excellent for skinning while the sheeps foot blade is perfect for slicing.

The Combination

Whether you are a hunter, vacationer, surfer or mountain climber, by combining these three aspects, you can find your preferred types of Bark River Knives for sale.